Medieval Wedding Invitation Scroll

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. The Medieval Scroll listed here is the flagship of my medieval range and the closest I can get to the an original document while keeping the ability to produce them in sufficient numbers for invitations, for every one is hand painted and illuminated.

The medieval collection is one of five, which includes: Victoriana Elegance, Art Deco, The Law and the Celtic. Every wedding is different and the pictures are points of inspiration for each wedding will have its personal design.

In keeping with the designs I use traditional methods in their creation. There is not a single fountain pen in sight, my youngest being a dip pen courtesy of the Victorians. I use quill and reed pens that I cut to my own style and to give a better effect on the overall writing. It is with no surprise then that I use ink, pigment and colours that are hand blended, some to a medieval recipe, watercolour and gouache.


My scroll range start at £3.50 each, which includes the handwritten invitation on plain white or ivory paper, wooden scroll rods, tied with ribbon that you can send out in a padded envelope or DL envelope.

The scroll pictured are £5.00 each which includes as extra, written on aged paper, drop capital illuminated and secondary artwork, rolled and sealed with taper wax seal, presented in a box (or drawstring bag) with a gilded capital and or ribbon.

The scroll pictured has a passage written at the bottom (© me) in smaller text that you can personalise with your own words.

All my work is postage free and the cost of this item is for a sample pictured and 25% of the proceeds go to a children’s charity.

Please allow one week for the sample and if you need a quote for scrolls please contact me as I can tailor a package to fit budgets against needs.

I also create Table Plans, place names, menu, and order of service, family tree, and standard letters.

I have a large portfolio of writing especially for weddings and celebrations and design each individually.

If you contact me via email I will send you a free sample

Price: £5.00

Shipping: £0.00

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